Mortgage Broker vs Big Bank

Meet your locally licensed Mortgage Broker, he is not a Big Corporation or a Bank, he doesn’t advertise on TV, he doesn’t do car loans, trade stocks, or offer checking accounts. He does one thing and he does it better than anyone else. He shops for great deals on mortgages. So why get a personal shopper for your mortgage? Because you want an advocate. Choices, lots of choices. Choices setup competition between lenders, and that’s good for you. Salespeople at Big Banks can’t show you the big picture, but a Broker compares deals from 100’s of banks and lenders of all sizes across the US, than organizes and presents those choices based upon your location, financial situation, time line and other factors. He can then help you chose the best mortgage for your circumstances.  And a better mortgage can save you time, frustration, and most importantly $20, $50 even a $100 a month off of your monthly payment. So when it comes to the biggest purchase of your lifetime, don’t take the first offer that comes along. Get an expert who shops on your behalf. Get an Independent Mortgage Broker!