The Colorado Mortgage Professor

Hello this is Lynn Chase The Colorado Mortgage Professor.  I am a community college Paralegal Professor and, Colorado licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, the founder in 2005 of the Commercial Loan Arranger, LLC, which does business as, the Age In Place Mortgage Company. My mission is to help educate Coloradoans on the benefits of home ownership, with special emphasis on First Time Home Buyers, homeowners planning for retirement, and seniors 62 years of age or older on how to improve and protect their quality of life, and not lose their freedom and independence. If the current health crisis has taught us anything it is the no one I know wants to go to a nursing home before it is absolutely necessary.

Recent changes in federal law have made the reverse mortgage product much more safe, and helpful in preventing seniors outliving their money, and losing their freedom. Many homeowners misunderstand the benefits a Federal Housing Administration Reverse mortgage insurance guarantee. To help my generation meet the challenges ahead, I am developing training on the financial advantages available to older Americans. I have created several free reverse mortgage courses. 

If you are a homeowner over age 62, and are concerned about your financial future, please enroll in one of my free classes now. School is starting soon!

 As a broker I can search from several national lenders, to find the best place to send your guaranteed reverse mortgage, but I have found that Liberty provides you with the greatest freedom and liberty.

To learn more about the FHA HECM reverse mortgage benefits, please enroll in one of my free courses, at the Cloud School link above, or reach out to let me know how I may be of help to you.

Check the schedule of Future Workshops in your neighborhood, at the link above. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you in school soon!

Lynn Chase is a licensed Colorado Mortgage Loan Originator and licensed with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System. The Colorado license number is MLO 100014632 and the NMLS number is 1651156 

Lynn is the founder and broker-owner of The Commercial Loan Arranger, LLC, and is licensed in the State of Colorado, and is doing business under the registered trade name of the Age In Place Mortgage Company. The company is licensed to do business in Colorado by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System NMLS #1790945