What the heck is a HECM? Just when you thought that you heard all you needed to about reverse mortgages, the FHA has revised and improved its reverse mortgage product. So, a HECM is one form of a reverse mortgage. HECM stands for home equity conversion mortgage. This is the main product that I recommend for homeowners with equity, and having at least one owner over 62 years of age. There are two major categories of reverse mortgages, the federally guaranteed HECM, and non-guaranteed products like the new long-awaited proprietary reverse mortgage called EquityIQ I help seniors get reverse mortgages from Liberty Home Equity Solutions Company. I have a mortgage brokerage agreement with Liberty to offer Colorado reverse mortgages. Liberty is the oldest reverse mortgage company offering the HECM, for refinance or the purchase of a new home. As a broker I can search from several national lenders, to find the best place to send your guaranteed reverse mortgage, but I have found that Liberty provides you with the greatest freedom and liberty. To learn more about the FHA HECM reverse mortgage benefits, please enroll in one of my free courses, at the Cloud School link above, or reach out to let me know how I may be of help to you. Check the schedule of Future Workshops in your neighborhood, at the link above.

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Lynn Chase is a licensed Colorado Mortgage Loan Originator (number 100014632) and Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System number 1651156. 

Lynn is the founder and broker-owner of The Commercial Loan Arranger, LLC,  licensed by the State of Colorado, and is doing business under the registered trade name of the Age In Place Mortgage Company. The company Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System number NMLS #1790945

The company headquarters is located at 913 Dancing Horse Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919, and Lynn can be reached at (719) 302-5508 or Lynn@AgeInPlaceMortgage.com 

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