Closing the Loan

The final step in the process of obtaining a mortgage is going to closing! During the loan process the Age In Place Mortgage Staff will always communicate the closing time and date to you once we have received a Clear to Close from the lender. When going to your closing you will need the following:
  1. Money to close will always need to be in the form of a cashier’s check or a money order for your down payment and/or closing costs. Personal checks are only acceptable when the Title Insurance Settlement Company or Lawyer gives you the approval, usually this is only for a limited amount.
  2. Driver’s License and/or Passport for proof of identification
  3. Please be aware that you will need to bring your spouse if they are on the legal title to the property, even if they are not on the loan.
  4. While reviewing and signing the final Closing Disclosure and other documentation, please make sure that the interest rate and loan terms are correct and verify that the names and address are accurate on all documentation.

Lynn Chase is a licensed Colorado Mortgage Loan Originator (number 100014632) and Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System number 1651156.

Lynn is the founder and broker-owner of The Commercial Loan Arranger, LLC,  licensed by the State of Colorado, and is doing business under the registered trade name of the Age In Place Mortgage Company. The company Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System number NMLS #1790945

The company headquarters is located at 913 Dancing Horse Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919, and Lynn can be reached at (719) 302-5508 or

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